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Behind the Stories: Chital Mehta

Miscarriage is one of the many taboo subjects within parenthood: people lower their voices or use delicate euphemisms when the topic comes up. Chital speaks up loudly in When They Stop Growing about her own experiences with miscarriage and its emotional and physical impact. She is the outspoken friend we need who will not talk around it. We love her directness and honesty in this piece. Check out her other short stories and articles on her website and learn more about her writing habits below!

How much of your life do you give to writing?

I wish I could give a lot but at this point, with two small kids in my life, I try to write in the morning and during nap times. Even when I am not writing, I am constantly thinking about writing, writing notes, thinking about my characters, and listening to podcasts about writing. I try to fill my day with writing and reading as much as possible. Still, at this point, I am still learning the balance of being a parent and a writer.

What made you write this piece in particular?

My experience with miscarriage prompted me to connect with other women because I found nobody to talk with during my first loss. That experience left me shaken and I wish there was a platform to talk about this more openly. I have been waiting for a platform that will allow me to talk about my experience so other women don't feel alone. When I came across this submission call, I decided to write about my experience in an essay because I strongly believe in sharing stories that need to be told.

How does this piece fit with your wider writing? Do you write in other genres?

I write fiction on a larger basis. Short stories and novels. Though they are different from this piece, I bring the idea of being a parent in most of my stories. Parenting and loss form the central theme of my stories. I am currently revising a novel that is set in India. I am also working on a collection of short stories while submitting a few to literary magazines.

How can readers further support your writing?

By reading my work and giving feedback. Find my work here.

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