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Blog Tour Highlights - Week Two

Our book blog tour has come to an end, and what a ride we had!

Once again there was a mixture of promo posts, highlights, reviews and this week, even an interview with the core team, Alnaaze, Louise and Tracy.

There were three tour stops that really stood out to us this week, two of the reviewers obviously enjoyed a real deep dive into the personal essays in our first book, finding stories that spoke to them, made them cry, and made them laugh.

We used a Blog Tour Organiser for this book who put us in touch with a number of bloggers and Instagrammers from around the world.

Kicking off the week, we had the fabulous @momobookdiary who was sent a physical copy for review purposes.

"A refreshing read - unlike anything I have read before!"

Momo stated that she felt that anyone who read these stories would take away a new understanding of what "sex" actually is/means. And how discussing sex, sharing our personal or private stories often makes people feel uncomfortable even though it is something that affects us all.

Go have a read of Momo's full blog tour post here :

Next up mrsswiftnib did an Interview with us to learn more about the team behind the book. Alnaaze, Louise and Tracy all answered each of the bloggers questions. Sadly the blogger hasn't yet shared their thoughts on the book yet, but we hope they will do so in due course! (We'll keep you updated!).

You can read the full interview here:

Last, but definitely not least, we have A Readers' Alley, who found themselves sucked into the stories inside Keeping It Under Wraps, despite only meaning to read a few at first!

"Books like this are a must-read as they go a long way in breaking the stigma that comes with talking about sex and how we feel about it individually."

It really is a delight when you can see someone has picked up Keeping It Under Wraps; Sex Uncensored, and found themselves genuinely engrossed in the stories. If you would like to see what else they have to say, find find their blog here:

Thank you to those who followed the tour, another thank you to those who shared and cheered on the posts.

We hope that those who are new to the Keeping It Under Wraps Anthologies will join us in looking forward to our next projects and publications. Watch this space!

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