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Alnaaze and Tracy joined Sara-Jayne once more to chat about the newest in the Keeping It Under Wraps series, about writing, and how they find their incredible authors. Listen below!

Keeping it Under Wraps_ Bodies Uncensored
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Our very own Alnaaze Nathoo spoke to Katt Cullen at World Radio Switzerland about the Keeping It Under Wraps anthology series! Have a listen!

A photo of radio announcer Sara-Jayne King, with text "Weekend Breakfast with Sara-Jayne King"

Sara-Jayne from Cape Talk invited us to join their morning show! We talked about KIUW - how it came to be, what it means, and described the diversity of voices and experiences outlined in our anthology. We were also joined by Desiree-Anne, one of our contributors who read from her piece "Grinding".

Book Club Keeping it Under Wraps
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Bookmuse shared JJ Marsh's review of Keeping It Under Wraps; Sex Uncensored.
Keeping It Under Wraps is every conversation we should have had as kids, as teenagers, as middle-aged searchers for the G-spot.

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