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KEEPING IT UNDER WRAPS: Bodies, Uncensored

Our relationships with our bodies are complicated at best.

The way they are represented in the news, online and in the media has a serious impact on how we feel about our bodies and how others view them. Am I looking after my body? Is it working as it should? Am I eating and exercising the right way? What’s the right way? Am I embracing the changes to my body that come with ageing? Am I in control of my own body?

We aren’t born with these feelings, thoughts and obsessions about bodies and what they are supposed to be or look like. They develop with time, from learned behaviour, from our environment, from others' opinions and expectations, and what we are convinced ‘perfection’ should look like.


We spend years feeling conflicted about our own bodies or other people’s.


Let’s continue the conversation. Let’s change the narrative.

The discussion can include (but isn’t limited to):

Anxiety/Mental Health          Body Positivity          Ageing          Gender          Abuse

Eating Disorders          Generational Trauma          Disabilities         Health 

Diet Culture          Body Dysmorphia          Neurodiverse Experiences

LGBTQIA+ Experiences          Religious/Cultural Differences

We are looking for personal essays for an anthology about your experiences, views and ideas on bodies: your own or in general. The finished anthology will contain 20-25 essays. We work to ensure a diverse and inclusive group of voices.


Submissions are welcomed from anywhere in the world but should be in English.

No judgement will be made on any of the pieces submitted and of course, confidentiality will be respected.

Submissions are for real, personal experiences: your own journey, choices, your history or your current attitude towards this topic. We want to hear your unique voice.

We will not be accepting any poetry, fiction, or other forms of writing except personal essays for this anthology.

Submissions are open from August 1 2022 and will close October 1 2022.


Authors will be notified whether their piece has been chosen within 60 days after the deadline.

We expect submissions to be edited for content, style and grammar before submission. We will not accept pieces that require lengthy developmental editing. However, chosen pieces will be subject to a second round of copy-editing for length and clarity for publication.

Submissions for the anthology must be processed through Duotrope. Submitting is free.

  • If using, please state your pen name.

  • Word (.doc or .docx); Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica, 12-point font.

  • Work must be previously unpublished, in print or online.

  • No simultaneous submissions.

  • All submissions must be in English.

  • Published and unpublished authors will be considered.

  • Submission Word Count: 1000 - 5000 words.

Keeping It Under Wraps: Bodies will be published in early 2023.

If your piece is accepted for the anthology, you will be notified in writing and you will be asked to sign a contract allowing us the right to print and distribute your work.


The authors published in this anthology will each receive 40GBP* for their work and a copy of the book once it is in print.


* If you are sending a submission from overseas and are successful in being included in the anthology, the fee will be paid in your local currency by bank transfer only and the total amount paid will be dependent on the exchange rate at the time.

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