Who Are We?


Society tells us what is right and what is wrong based on unrealistic expectations. In the end, though, no matter how unique our experiences seem, they aren’t wrong: they simply are.

The Keeping It Under Wraps anthology series provides a safe space to change the narrative, to speak openly about individual experiences, and in the end to understand that while each experience is different, we are not so different from each other.

Let’s start the conversation.

Meet The Editors...



Alnaaze is a writer, humanitarian and melanated Mona living in Switzerland.

Her goal, as it has always been, is to help amplify the voices of those who are not heard, sharing their stories, in a way only she knows how: words, and a very loud voice.

Usually found on Twitter blasting Donald Trump and other stupid people such as racists, homophobics or people who don't appreciate baby Yoda.



Louise is a mother, writer and creative being living in Switzerland. 

She writes across all genres and covers many different themes and topics.

A strong believer in the importance of discussing mental health issues, diversity inclusion and equal opportunities. 

Usually spotted wearing a rainbow of colours with a glass of wine in one hand, chocolate bar in the other, giving a "What is 'normal anyway' speech.



Tracy is a teacher, mother and writer based in Switzerland.


Originally hailing from New Zealand, she claims infamy for moving to almost the exact antipode of her home town. She is fond of flash fiction and short stories at the creepy end of normal.

She is loyal to one coffee shop, literacy teaching, and sharing pictures of her obese screaming cat on social media.

Antipode is her favourite word at the moment.