Welcome to Keeping It Under Wraps.

A warm spring evening led to the conversation between a few writerly friends about what constitutes “normal”, whether in sexual relationships, gender, relationships, opinions, experiences and life in general.

The fact that none of them considered themselves to fit any definition of normal sparked an idea between them. This was maybe not 'the norm', but it certainly was our norm.

This conversation can carry across many areas of our lives. It's not limited to just one topic.


 The idea of creating an anthology series that celebrated the “un-normal” in all of us: the discomfort of not fitting the standard, whether it be through gender, age, race, mental health, physical- or neurodiversity.

Let's start the conversation, let's change the narrative.

Let's stop feeling that if our normal doesn't fit the general consensus of what is or isn't normal, we have to hide our journeys, our stories, our own experiences, and stop feeling that we need to keep it under wraps.