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Blog Tour Highlights - Week one

To kick off November, we decided it was about time to send Keeping It Under Wraps: Sex, Uncensored on tour.

The amazing, raw and honest essays in book one deserve their moment in the spotlight and what better way to do that then share it with book bloggers and reviewers around the world?

The first week of the tour saw various spotlights, promos, excerpts, and reviews from a number of different bloggers using Instagram, Twitter and blog sites.

Our favourite posts of the week belonged to @bexbooksandstuff, @duckfacekim09, and @sadiesspotlight who shared photos of our book (ebook and paperback) being enjoyed with their followers.

Quotes of the week:

"Let's talk about porn... was my favourite section in this anthology. I think we all know that sex sells but this book explores all the best topics - shame, sex toys, blow jobs.

The stories are all pretty short so it's an easy book to dip in and out of. And whilst educational, it was also honest and at times fun.

If you love short stories and want to broaden your horizons when it comes to society's views on sex then this is the book for you." - @duckfacekim09

"Thank you to all the authors involved for creating such a unique and individual anthology which challenges peoples perceptions of sex and works towards ending the stigma around discussing this 'taboo' topic. It certainly helped me to feel more empowered!" - @bexbooksandstuff

For an excerpt of Jennifer Wren's essay, Object Of Desire, head over to Currant 7 Recommend's blog for a sneaky peak: click here

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