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Parenthood, Uncensored: the final list

Alnaaze, Louise and Tracy are excited to announce the list of contributing authors for the second Keeping It Under Wraps anthology: Parenthood, Uncensored.

It was a tough choice. We received a lot of strong submissions that overlapped thematically and we had to narrow them down to cover the broadest range of perspectives and topics. We know that the published anthology will have something for every reader, with contributions from diverse backgrounds and experiences, a mix of humour and heartache and hope, and, as always, collated and published with nonjudgmental love and compassion.

We welcome to the KIUW family:

Adrian Slonacker

Alnaaze Nathoo

Amy Bowers

Carey Cook

Chital Mehta

Christine Breede

Daniel Preston

David Stromberg

Desiree-Anne Martin

Emily Lacika

Hana M. Lin

Iris Leona Marie Cross

Jessica Joe

Jessica S. Wang

Kate Paine

Levi Rogers

Louise Bryant

Louise Vargas

Meredith Wadley

Natasha Cabot

San Lin Tun

Tara Giroud

Tracy Hope

Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez

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